About Us

About Us

With over thirty years of experience in the hair care industry, our skilled stylists are dedicated to providing our clientele with the highest level of service – with each treatment and package being fully customized and tailored to your personal needs. Come in and experience the difference we make!


Position: Head Stylist

Experience: Previously she was a stylist with Transformation Hair (1984) and started Gem Cut Salon in 1994. She renovated and opened Hair Flaire in 1996. Her specialty is Micro/Euro lengths and fusions.

Beauty Tips: Hair can get caught on cotton pillow cases and break when you are sleeping especially if you toss and turn a lot when you sleep. Using a satin or silk pillowcase will allow the hair to slide across the pillowcase without getting caught.


Position: Senior Stylist

Experience: She has been working in a salon since 2009.

Specialty: Include dreadlocks, braids, weaves, comb-twists, finger-twists, coloring, relaxing and styling.

Care/Maintenance for human hair extensions: Always, detangle hair from the ends and gently work to the roots before washing. Separate hair into sections and put into loose braids if necessary.

Carefully wash the hair with warm water and a mild shampoo. Do not rub or twist the hair, but scrunch. Pay extra attention to the area’s between the tracks and rinse thoroughly. Apply conditioner and then gently rinse out the hair. Gently squeeze out the excess water from your hair and pat dry with a towel. Do not roll or rub your hair in the towel.

Apply a good leave in conditioner. Comb through with a wide tooth comb then repeat using a cutting comb. Always combing from ends to roots getting rid of any tangles. Dry and style your hair as recommended by your hairstylist.

Cal Ecia

Position: Senior Stylist

Experience: A graduate of MC College and the Alberta Academy of Aesthetics.

Specialty: Her passion is styling hair and doing makeup for weddings, graduations, fashion shows, photoshoots and other special occasions.

Secret to a natural, flawless look: Apply foundation to your cheeks, forehead and chin using a foundation brush, sponge or clean fingertips. Blend the foundation all the way to your natural hairline with long, light strokes.

Continue blending over the jawline and onto your neck to achieve a natural, seamless look. Check your face and neck in natural light to make sure the foundation is completely blended in all areas. If under-eye circles or red spots remain, do not add more foundation; it can look heavy and cakey. Instead, try a concealer.

Kaddy Ann

Position: Senior Stylist

Experience: Has been working as a professional hairstylist since 2005.

Specialty: She is very passionate about styling, curling and caring for her clients hair but her true love is doing weaves and extensions.

Secret for maintaining healthy hair: Do not brush your hair when it is wet and it’s important that you take supplement and vitamins that will help boost your hair follicles.

Not all hair products are created equally, so check all the ingredients in the products you are using in your hair. It’s very important that you are using a strengthening formula that will help to maintain the health of your hair – it should have both protein and moisturizing ingredients.