Styling Trends

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Short Bob

Who it works for:  This cut suits most hair types except super thick and curly hair.  It looks amazing on delicate faces with small features.

Tell your hairstylist:  To go with blunt lines and angles.

Maintenance:  Get a trim every four to six weeks, short hair grows fast.  Styling this hair cut is easy.  Pump up damp roots with a volumizer take the sides and blow-dry them while tousling.  Finish by kicking the ends out with the fingers.

The bob hairstyle never goes out of fashion.  It epitomizes class and chic.  You only need to look at such style icons as Coco Chanel who always wore a bob.  That is why so many women love this hairstyle.  The short bob hairstyle is a great choice for many women.

A short bob hairstyle can be cut at even lengths or can be cut at an angle.  The style that you choose should depend on the shape of your face.  If you have a thin face a short bob hairstyle with an even cut is best for you.  If however, you have a round face then it is often best if the bob is cut at an angle.

Hairstylists Edmonton

Colour Tipping

Here, a hair colourist basically takes just the ends of the hair and lightens them, either by painting on the colour or by using foils for a dramatic effect.  Go a few shades lighter than your own natural hair colour and keep it pieced and chunky.

This look is perfect for straight hair with a bit of body.

Maintenance:  The great news is if you don’t like it, the hair colour is easy to cut off and grows out with your hair.  As a result, it looks great for 3 months at a time.

No-Bleach Alternatives:  (Rinse or Glaze) They both do not contain bleach or ammonia.

A rinse is a semi-permanent hair colour.  It stains only the cuticle that fades away in 6 -8 shampoos.  There is no mixing and should be used straight out of the bottle.

A glaze is a demi-permanent hair colour that works with very low peroxide that won’t damage the hair.  It deepens hair colour throughout the whole head of hair.

It’s good for toning down beached-out, brassy, end-of-summer highlights and enhancing your natural hair colour.  It can also be used as a tint back to natural hair colour or on sensitive overly damaged hair.  Plus, it seals the cuticle, making the hair colour ultra glossy.

Maintenance:  It takes 10-15 minutes for a glaze or rinse.  If you have the demi-permanent hair colour there could be a bit of a line if you started out with lighter hair colour.  So, return every few months for a tone down.

Low-lights:  As the name suggest, low-lights don’t lighten hair, instead a hair colourist strategically deposits hair colour throughout hair adding depth and contrast.

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Long with Bangs

Who it works for:  This cut emphasizes eyes and cheeks.  Long faces need bangs to cover the eyebrows; round faces look best with choppier bangs.

Tell your hairstylist:  Start with long bangs they are the most flexible.

Curve the fringe so the pieces on the sides are longer it’s more flattering than dead straight across.

Maintenance:  Get a trim every 10 weeks or so.

Bangs have been a great way of changing and creating different hairstyles.  Whether or not to add bangs to a hairstyle can make a huge difference – some hairstyles look great without bangs or fringes and other hairstyles look lost without the addition of some bangs.

Because of the different types of hairstyles available, there are tons of ways to add bangs to these different hairstyles in order to create very beautiful looks for any occasion.  Bangs have been worn to everything from work to award presentations and when done correctly, produces hairstyles that can be worn to any and all of these events.  Now, lets take a look at some of the different ways to wear bangs.

Adding Bangs:  The different types of bangs vary on how the bangs are positioned and their texture.  Depending on facial shapes, different bangs may create better look than others.  For example, bangs that are combed straight down right above the brow line are considered straight bangs and are great for softening more prominent facial features like sharper chins and larger forehead areas.

Side-swept bangs are great ways to even out round and heart shaped faces as well. These are just a few ways to enhance the look created by hairstyles on facial features. Different bang features can also be combined as well.  Side swept or angled bangs can be combined with choppy bangs to match choppy or other hairstyles as well.  This allows many different hairstyle additions by playing with different types of bangs.